The Team

Meet the Sage Movement Team

Tom Selby - Co-Founder of Sage Movement, Coach, and Athlete

With a passion for movement that began in 2006, Tom is not just a trainer, but a dedicated student of parkour, tricking, martial arts, and more. Over the years, Tom's commitment to the art of movement has led to the development of three pioneering parkour programs spanning across two provinces.

While Tom has been coaching on and off since the early days of his training journey, the drive to inspire and uplift others in the discipline has remained constant. Beyond parkour, Tom enjoys the discipline of weight training and the adrenaline of HIIT workouts, continuously pushing boundaries and setting new personal benchmarks.

Whether you're looking to start your parkour journey or refine your skills, Tom brings a wealth of experience, passion, and a holistic approach to training. Embrace the world of movement with a trainer who lives and breathes it every day.

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Xie StrongLove - Co-Founder of Sage Movement, Coach, and Athlete

Embarking on their movement journey in 2012, Xie has since become a beacon of dedication, skill, and passion in the realm of parkour and martial arts. Through years of disciplined training, Xie has elevated these practices into a captivating art form, inspiring and guiding all who train with them.

Apart from their expertise in parkour and martial arts, Xie has also embraced the balance and serenity offered by yoga. This holistic approach ensures that trainees not only develop physical prowess but also achieve mental clarity and focus.

For those keen to explore the dynamic world of parkour, Xie provides a harmonious blend of experience and enthusiasm. Dive into a transformative training experience with Xie and unlock the vast potential of movement and mindfulness.

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Ben Sohlberg - Coach and Athlete 

Ben first got interested in Parkour in 2011. This has now led to a decade long progression as an athlete and years of coaching Parkour, which has and continues to inspire many students to push to new heights.

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Ty Redl - Coach and Athlete

Ty started his Parkour journey in 2017 and quickly developed a passion for movement, challenging himself, and helping others pursue their movement goals. This passion lead to TY starting his own Parkour Brand called T&Z Parkour and Vlogs. 

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